Newest Firefox, WOW!

Been using the Brave Browser for awhile now with great luck and a few issues.

I have been hearing good things about the newest Firefox so I decided to give it a spin. All I can say is WOW! It is fast and works on all the sites I visit. I have been having issues with the Brave Browser and would have to use Chrome or the Chromium version of the Edge browser when all else failed but now I am very happy so far. Hope it does not get bogged down with updates.

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I use Firefox on desktop and Android for practically everything, and I’ve been really impressed lately. It’s been getting faster and leaner rather than slower with new releases.


That’s interesting to hear. I used Firefox for a fair number of years but got tired of the memory leak issues and chrome was so much faster. It’s been at least 6 years since then though. Might have to check it out again

I have been a loyal user since the beginning. I hate having to use another browser.

I complained a bit about how they sequenced the “quantum” update a few years ago. It broke a lot of plugins — by becoming more compatible with chrome. But it definitely improved performance, and I have the plugins I care about, some of which just can’t function on chrome. And I think it’s far ahead the best on Android, starting with a more usable tab interface, especially for someone who regularly has 40-70 tabs open on mobile… On desktop, I use the tree style tabs plugin to manage often more than 100 simultaneous open tabs and it works fine.

So between richer plugin functionality and raw speed, it’s my go-to.

I keep chrome around to test things out.

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Longtime Opera user here. I’ll check new Firefox not because something is wrong with my Opera, I’m curious :slight_smile:

Been pretty much a hardcore chrome fan myself. That is why when I tried Firefox I knew it was a game-changer for me…