Newbie Question: Which control software do you use and why: Pronterface or Repetier?

Newbie Question:
Which control software do you use and why: Pronterface or Repetier?

I use Octoprint. But before that, it was Pronterface all the way because Repetier was giving me funky behavior, it sometimes disconnected mid-print or would lock up in a semi-usable state when doing nothing at all. Pronterface might not be the flashiest piece of software out there, but it works reliably for what i need it to do.
(Mendel90, RAMPS, Marlin)

I use Repetier because I prefer the interface and the ease of workflow with it, but I have used Pronterface and every once in a while when I’m troubleshooting something and need to be very sure Repetier’s occasional bugginess isn’t the cause I’ll switch back to Pronterface.

I’d recommend starting with Pronterface, though, because you get a better feel for what all the different steps in producing a print are/what they do, something which I feel is lacking a bit in Repetier (although that’s also why it’s easier to use).

@Thomas_Sanladerer , @Stephen_Baird thanks for the advice! I will start with Pronterface first. If anyone else wants to weigh in i’m curious to hear your thoughts and experiences.

I used to use Pronterface but have since switched to Repetier, I do use Pronterface on my Ubuntu laptop though, it is a very solid piece of software. I’d say that it’s best to start with Pronterface, as Repetier can do some weird stuff at times.

Started with pronterface and now have moved to repetier host with no issues for over 2 months. Better pre-print and during print controls on repetier (fan,speed, and flow control)

I started with pronterface but switched to @OctoPrint - it’s so much better.

Same as @Andreas_Gohr . @OctoPrint really makes life easier even though I don’t get quite as much exercise as before when I had to run up and down the stairs to check on the print.