Newbie here - do you have some drag select?

I done a search at the forum and cannot find any answer.
Found some suggestions on organizing the vector before to use it in laserweb, but nothing about some mouse drag selection tool itself.
Im using onshape to design some lasercutting puzzles and its drawing feature exports each unconnected line.
Im need to select and arrange manually the pieces, but selecting each segment is a pain.
It will be great if i can just draw a square to select what i want.

May be some way to select an interval of items in the left panel, like click an item to select it then shift+click another item to select all te interval bethwen then

Group/ungroup will be a plus

Hi @paulo_cmv

Unfortunately there is no drag-to-select feature in LaserWeb at present, selecting lines by clicking on them in the GUI or in the items list is the only real way to select multiple paths. There is a 'select by colour feature in the upcoming release, which might be of use of oneshape allows colour assignment.

What format does OneShape export in? I’m assuming SVG, but don’t know for sure…

My advice is to export from oneshape, then use InkScape to import the result. You can then combine paths (lines) and create groups of paths for your individual shapes. You can then export that to SVG and you should now have a proper heirachy of objects+paths in the list.
It should then be much easier to finalise your layout and generate the relevant cuts.

There are other tools than InkScape that can do this too. Inkscape is not the most intuative or user-friendly tool out there; but it is free and has huge compatibility. There are many good intro videos on Youtube et al. showing how to do simple import-edit-export tasks in it.
(eg: Online solution to combine/compound paths of SVG - PhotoLens)

If you are comfortable editing text files, and doing bulk search/replace, it is quite feasible to directly edit the svg file itself :wink:

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Onshape exports SVG, DXF, DWG and PDF (plus bitmaps).
im familiarized with inkscape so i will use it to group things before importing on.
Do you know if some of this features is planned? Or if theres some reason why it cannot be implemented, becouse it appears to be very basic features to me.
Of coarse, laserweb is a good app and im plan to keep with it…

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@paulo_cmv I don’t know if there’s a solid roadmap at this stage for LW4. @cprezzi did a great job of steering the ship when most developers left. @easytarget gave a new life to the project by modernizing the project dependencies. I contribute when I get the time. I plan to share my MPG code soon with @cprezzi for the lw.comm-server and I will look into this bug for rogue lines added / forced-closed polylines.

Careful with “unconnected line” as this means the laser will potentially turn off between each line. If the G-code generator inserts G0 moves in between G1s then you’ll have an orphaned small line cut, then movement, then another orphaned small line cut, etc. Issue with this is the puzzle pieces may not come apart as easily if it was a continuous cut. Of course it depends how the source file was put together and how the optimizer interprets it. If I was to make a classic puzzle I would do continuous horizontal polylines, continuous vertical polylines, then a continuous outer-edge polyline.

If you want to group/ungroup, may I suggest to use layers (original lw4 version) or different color for each group if you are using easytarget-org fork.

I also plan to stick with LW4 for the long run.


I have had the same thought about it being a feature I expect to find more than once; so I have searched for, failed to find, and then added a feature request here:

@harlock999 (and @cprezzi) I’m sorry for the lack of progress recently, I’ll do an update in the main thread this weekend. For me the best ‘Roadmap’ we have for Laserweb at present is the main Issue list in github.

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No worries, I’ve just had a surge of jobs myself keeping me away from LW4 recently.