New YouTube Channel - Reverse 3D - All about 3D Reverse Engineering

Hello everyone!
I’m Junior, Quality Engineer with more than 12 years’ experience in 3D scanning technologies.

With this experience, I decided to share my knowledge to anyone who wants to learn more about this technology.

I’m creating content on YouTube, so that we can share content about this technique, and also so that you can have a 3D scanner made at home.

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Our videos have subtitles enabled in English and Spanish
I am available to take questions

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I thank everyone!

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As long as the content is legal in every sense, including without age restrictions, we’re good!

I don’t know whether you are monetizing any videos on your channel. Do note that if you monetize any videos on your channel and promote your channel here, you must disclose here that your channel is monetized. Also, if you disclose and promote a monetized channel here, promotion of your monetized channel is required to be a substantial minority of your posts here. The majority of what you post here is required to be community contribution.

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Thank you @mcdanlj

My videos on YouTube are free of monetization… just to share knowledge with everyone…

Thank you for advice.