New Work Coordinate System changes to ChiliPeppr.

New Work Coordinate System changes to ChiliPeppr. All the simple machine coordinate buttons are still there, but for those of you who use work coordinate systems, it’s now a first class member of the UI. No other CNC software makes switching WCS layers as sexy as ChiliPeppr. Thanks go to @Danal_Estes for the changes.

ooh… i’m interested. I love the graphic on the left!

tutorial video coming?

If anyone is up for making a tutorial video, that would be rad. The graphic on the left is a fully interactive widget inspired by Photoshop’s layers widget.

I’d love a generic work coodindate systems tutorial, but done using the new Chilipeppr capability to show it off… and I’ll donate $10 to the cause for whoever undertakes it.

Threw up a cut tonight and saw this awesomeness! Look forward to playing.

Work coordinate systems?? No idea what you are talking about…but I am sure it is brilliant. Need a tutorial :smiley: :smiley:

I used this new feature tonight and I gotta say, it was pure pleasure. I would make G55 be the center of my work piece, but had Machine Coords be the lower left like I’m supposed to. Just awesome.

probably another reason i need a tutorial… i thought machine coords would have 0,0 be like 0,0 of your machine using homing switches… no? or is that what you meant by lower left?

Yeah, that’s what I meant by lower left. I don’t have homing switches. I’m on my 3rd CNC machine and none of them have ever had homing switches. So I think this is partly why most of us just use machine coordinates for everything.

When I learn it, ill do a tut. Move is done, unpacking begins.

This feature is only for TinyG at the moment?

Is it coming to the GRBL version soon?

It should be possible to roll this out for Grbl soon.

Just could not figure out why my machine went to this “random” place when clicking “Go to zero” so I started looking for info about cnc, gcode to home axis etc. Machine zero, work coordinate systems temporary zero…it is suddenly crystal clear what this is all about and that “we needs it” for GRBL!! Hope it comes sooner than later!

You can always grab yourself an Arduino Due, put the TinyG G2 firmware on it, and slide your Gshield onto it and presto, you’re chugging with a modern CNC controller.

Woha I should have a Due lying around…is it really that simple?? Thought I needed some other HW. What are the benefits of TinyG over Grbl in your view?


I’m sold - will test out TinyG :slight_smile: I did not have a Due after all so will need to spend some dead presidents. Would this be a good one - shield will fit?

Yes, that looks good. I’ve ordered ones like that from for around $18. I was skeptical but they work like a charm.