New Work Coordinate System add-on widget published. It lets you change offsets visually.

New Work Coordinate System add-on widget published. It lets you change offsets visually. There’s still some work to do on making the “Zero Out” reflect what offset you’re in, but it’s progress. Also looking for feedback on if this is intuitive or not. This is a touchy subject out there.

John - Thanks - Nice enhancement …
Q. I don’t see the G54/G55…/G28/G30 coordinates - just the G92 and +Add planes. How does the create/display wok for them? Only when in g-code?

how about this for a visual enhancement… color code the coord systems.

  1. When the new coord. system is selected the axes display changes to the color
    2 . and the axes display is updated to reflect the new coordinates that the program is going to use.

or Create a BUTTON for the user to select the coordinate system…

… might be worth the effort. And Thank You for your superb work in this project…

Good question on the G28/G30. I haven’t tackled how to represent that visually yet. This whole “intermediate” position thing on G30 is hurting my brain.

Colors are an interesting idea. I do get worried about making the UI too colorful though to reduce distraction. The axes display already highlights blue to indicate jogging via keyboard is on.

The axes display does update immediately to reflect new coordinates. You see a bit of it in the animated gif.

If you play around with the TinyG workspace you’ll see that when you click a layer it sends the Gcode to switch to that layer. The layer only goes to a dark black stroke once TinyG comes back and says “yes, i’m now in that layer”. So you get a double check.

BTW, from the feedback I’ve gotten from folks via email, Google chat, etc. it seems to me only 15% of folks use work coordinate systems. I think more people would use them with this new widget.

Brain pain is common amongst NC programmers. I’ve been doing it for 35 years. Every time I get to new NC control I spend 20+ hours figuring our how the control works (Rs-274 standards aren’t always adhered to or implemented to same way). I’ll be happy to discuss any programming related stuff with you.

I don’t see the axes display widget updating when I call G92 X0 Y0 Z20. The machine coordinates remain on the screen. What am I doing wrong? Also I don’t see any G54/G55/… planes in my display??? Thanks …

Hi Paul, if you manually issue a G92 I don’t set the hilite yet as TinyG never tells me G92 is selected. So I have to watch all outgoing gcode to perform that trick. If you manually issue a G54 to G59 I do update the widget to show the layer because TinyG tells me it switched. You don’t see any planes in the display at all? No clickable buttons? Did you click the toggle button just to the left of the Axes title? What browser are you in? This widget is all fancy SVG graphics, so there could be some incompatibilities.

I’m in chrome v39. Will switch to IE and Firefox when I’m back to the shop. Also, I’m running an Othermill. Not the right version of firmware… They are back on 410.??? And my machine is actually running 409.??? So a firmware update should help some issues…

You’re fine in Chrome. Skip IE and Firefox. That won’t help. You should also be ok on the Othermill given there’s a TinyG in there. BTW, there’s talk of getting an Othermill workspace going in ChiliPeppr so you can do probing easier.

Thanks. I’m cutting wax and plastic so probing doesn’t help me. The OM has a TinyG just not the latest firmware release. Trying to get OM to move to latest… Mmmmmm

Q. Perhaps a good enhancement would be store the current machine coordinates as a selected G5? (Except for G53 which is always actual machine reference) — you would send G10 L2 P? X??.??? Y??.??? Z??.?? – then with a button push you would send the machine to those coords…

Does that make sense?

Yes, that does and that is the next step. The problem is i’m finding a crash on TinyG when I issue the G10 command, so working thru it.