New video on how to program your ESP32 from ChiliPeppr.

New video on how to program your ESP32 from ChiliPeppr. I think this is by far the easiest way to program for ESP32.

Cool, you added sample code. Do you have some OLED code? I had it running using the Arduino but had problems with the Lua API. I see esp32 boards that include the OLED and one that has a camera too. I wish I had more time to play with these guys. I have two signs I have to mill today. Thanks for this very cool tool. I reposted your video to a esp32 Facebook group. I prefer this to any other method and board I’ve used to mess with these micro controllers. Bravo!

BTW there is even an esp32 GRBL project, it’s an amazing board.

If there’s an ESP32 Grbl project, I think they could start with Cayenn as it allows discovery and the uploading of commands from the browser, i.e. upload your entire Gcode file. Imagine just turning on your CNC and it pops into the browser automagically. That’s what Cayenn does now.

I could get a sample of OLED text in there. I’ve not seen an ESP32 with a camera. Do you have a link for that one?

That’s awesome. What I’ve always wanted was a tiny webcam mounted on my CNC so I could position XY from ChiliPeppr easily and feed the image to a cloud OpenCV detection or in-browser OpenCV detection to do edge finding or fiducial detection. This video feels like it could be possible finally.

The tech keeps getting better. The 32 is what the 8266 should have been.

I saw another camera project that put the OpenCV chip on the camera board. It can identify things by color strips and do things like count cars or people. The API just queries for objects so very little data and no wifi to a server. Putting the smarts in the sensors seems to be a trend.

There was a hand held CNC router project that used some positioning stickers and it seems color is one of the easiest ways to identify things with CV. I think visual positioning is the killer app to make it much easier for new users if the gcode path could be shown overlaid on the material. I see some commercial products that do this.

Thanks again for the work you do. I own you so I am passing it on. I just got another woodworker up and running on a GRBL machine. He will start using it when he gets back from a job finishing a home his brother built.

Wow, you just added the OLED smples! Talk about fast.

Got a chance to try it but got nothing. Not sure about pin mapping. Sparkfun Thing uses pin 5 for led so I change blink and it works and I know this worked with Arduino. I’ll play some more later to see what pins work.

The sample blink_led.lua code now tries m.pins = {ESP32_DOIT = 2, ESP32_Lolin32 = 5, ESP32_TTGO = 13, ESP32_Wemos = 16} so it does try pin 5. You can, of course, just tweak that.