New version of the carriage duct for people to try.

New version of the carriage duct for people to try. Let me know what you think (nice thing is it is an easy swap).

I like this one more because the air flow seems to be more directed at the tip of the nozzle. Pictures of the old vs the new are included for comparison.

Note: Support for the inner face of the duct is built in since it is very hard to support in a slicer. You may need a little knife action to remove it.

so purdy

Good job!

Thats awesome! Can’t wait to build mine!
Whats the point of the ring around the hotend?

@X_Copter cooling for PLA and other materials that require active cooling.

it also adds an AWESOME visual enhancement to any printer

Oh I see.
Sorry I should have looked at the rest of the photos haha
That design is awesome! Do you have any tips for when I scale mine down?

To scale it down just take the extrusion length and rods and shorten them by the difference. But you will need to go part by part and confirm. I recommend using one of the free cad software mentioned in another post (designspark, fusion360, etc.)

It is good to learn them, you will need CAD to go beyond printing trinkets anyway. Thats what I did.

One note is scaling it down will do little to change the cost. Is there a reason you want it smaller.

After some testing I noticed I will need to tweak the air flow path some more. I think it affects the hot end temp too much when the cooling turns on.

I know how to use inventor fusion and sketchup. Been using them for over a year now (I design a lot of parts for my mini quads).
I would like to scale it down so I don’t have to use a solid state relay and I don’t want to mess around with 230v (we can’t get 120 here in nz). It will also make start up times quicker and besides, I rarely print parts larger than 100x100mm.

That cooling method is absolutely awesome!

@Eclsnowman have you tried PID tuning with your fan on?

Nice work.

What’s the exact Max build volume that the current eustathios is capable of? Just so I know how much to take off all the parts :slight_smile:

@X_Copter 285x285x295 I believe… Maybe a tad more.

@Isaac_Arciaga ​ I haven’t… How will that effect PID with the fan off. I had to hand tune mine. Autotuning the hot end via Smoothieware was really unstable for me.

Thanks! Will begin ordering parts next week!

Yeah, I noticed there’s going to be a lot of cooling right on the nozzle and heater-block when I saw the cross section. Glad you made it compatible with the existing carriage. Makes experimenting easy.