New version of Slic3r is out.

New version of Slic3r is out.

How different is it from the last one?

details are on the front page. :wink:


I see only 0.9.9 (2013-03-30), am I missing something?

Big plus: check ‘avoid crossing perimeters in travel’. It’ll trace the part, and reduce strings without having your retraction set as high.

@Adam_Chylek I do not think you are missing anything… I am 2 days late on the notification.

here are the release notes. also linked on the home page.
hope that helps.
Lot of great new features. Yes, @Paul_Chase that is a big plus on my end too.

Does anyone know where the files are kept for all my presets? I don’t want to lose them when I update.

C:\Users[[your user name]]\AppData\Roaming\Slic3r

Slic3r’s pretty good about pulling in old configs, but I always back 'em up just in case.

or \home\username.Slic3r\ on linux


@Cameron_O_Neill , I’d recommend that you backup your old settings, take screenshots or write them down and then deleting them.

I’ve found out several times that old settings really can mess things up in newer versions. Some settings might be in effect without showing in the GUI and some settings done in the new GUI might not be set after all.

No more am I upgrading Slic3r with old settings in place.

super a test sur mon imprimante reprap