New version of Jgs font suitable for engraving under development


I love that the zero and capital O are disambiguated! Same for the small l and the 1 and capital I. It always irritates me when fonts make these too similar.

(sigh) like the one used here. Il ← capital i followed by small L.

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Well, this is a bit of a tangent, but… :smiling_face:

In general, where the ambiguity between such pairs matters, a code display is appropriate; Il are fairly obviously distinct, as are O0.

For those who don’t know, here’s some summary help for code display.

To use inline code display, surround the text with single back quote characters. If you type `inline code display` you get inline code display

To make a block of code, put it between separate lines with three single back quotes, with an optional syntax highlighting hint at the end of the first line. If you type

this is code

you get

this is code

It highlights what might be key words in actual code if you don’t tell it what syntax to use. Sometimes it guesses wrong. Then you can try telling it the language in use. If I left off the text hint, it would think that this and is are keywords:

this is code

There are a few other ways to mark code blocks.

In general, to the best of my knowledge, Discourse supports CommonMark syntax, except that literal HTML markup is intentionally suppressed for a variety of reasons. I haven’t read the whole spec to test that, it’s just that I think that Discourse uses markdown-it which advertises support for CommonMark.