New user : nozzle seem stuck after printing for 1 hour

(Art Kongchatthai) #1

Hi guys,

I got Area from my friend today. I have never use any 3Dprinter before.
I have try printing fews parts. But the problem is Nnozzle seem stuck after printing for 1 hour.
Anyone please suggest how to diagnose problem and fix it.

My Ares is quite pretty outdated . Guess no updated firmware or anything since last owner left it more than one year.
How to make or update Ares to make it works again ?
What issue should I concern ?

Thank you

(Michael K Johnson) #2

Is the nozzle simply clogged? Did it sit around for a while without printing? I don’t know the Ares specifically, but in general nozzles are considered consumables. Another possibility (can be related!) is if a clogged nozzle has resulted in ground-up filament in the extruder; then that can clog the drive so that it can’t push the filament through.

(anon57870006) #3

The filament drags dust into the nozzle and closes it one day.
If I print with ABS then I dismantle a warm nozzle (about 150°) and when cooled down I through in a bath of Acetone.
When a 0.4 nozzle gets clogged with PETG then there is nothing to dissolve this material and I bore it to 0.6 or 0.8