New upgrade in my eshapeoko:

New upgrade in my eshapeoko: tinyg2 wih arduino due connected to a beaglebone black running Chilipeppr SPJS and GPIO JSON Server for the outputs:)

Ooh video walk through please

and during my tests with tinyg2 i found a loosened screw in one pulley in y axis:)probably last 4 or 5 works i have done with only one motor in y and now i know why my final pieces comes with strange cuts!

I will post a video with all my last upgrades in the weekend, if anyone need any help setting up these things, I can give some help.

I forgot to say thanks for the users that helps me to configure all of that, in this group, shapeoko forum and synthetos forum

Carlos - sounds like a great success. Can you some time take a few minutes to describe what you implemented between the DUE and the machine? A lot of folks are searching for motor driver best practices and connection implementations for limit switches, PWM interfaces and the like.With Johns Eagle(CAD) to spindle bypass available, I envision a lot of good work happening on some custom sheilds for the DUE version of G2.