New tube...can I rotate it so the water fittings will work?

So I have a new Cloudray laser tube. It has a sticker on it that says “this side up”, but when that side is up, the water outlet points straight down and has very very little clearance. It’s tough to tell in the pic, but there’s less than 1/2" between the fitting and the bottom. I’m waiting on tubing to be delivered, so I haven’t actually tried it yet.

So, can I rotate the tube?

Having the outlet from the water cooling tube point up is the ideal orientation. It lets all the air escape:

You could rotate it, but then you’d have to lift the machine a bit every once in a while to get the air out.

If the angle is only very slightly off, the air should still be able to escape.

Drilling a hole is another option. If you got a 3D printer, you could print a grommet to make this a bit nicer.

That makes sense. So, if I rotate the tube so the outlet points up, the inlet and HV wire will then be on the bottom. Is that ok?

Are both the inlet and outlet for the water on the same end of that tube? Usually water goes in the top/side at one end and out the top at the other.

No, Inlet is at one end by the HV wire, outlet is at the other end. However, when the tube is placed in the machine with their ‘this side up’ sticker facing up, the inlet is at the top, and the outlet points straight down like in my picture.

I just want to know if I can turn the thing so I can get a tube on the outlet fitting…drilling a hole would be my last resort.

This is the tube I have, but the inlet/outlet locations don’t match what’s on the amazon picture:

The outlet from the water cooling tube is the one which has to point up:

If the tube is oriented like that, the inlet is usually at the bottom.

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In my experience, you can rotate it slightly to help with the tubing connection and still get the air to clear.

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