New TPU Filament for Christmas

I got some new TPU Filament for Christmas in a few new fun colors. I always print the toys for my kids in TPU for durability. So I used the new Sainsmart Yellow TPU and noticed something cool about the cut end of the filament. Fairly transparent filament with the right index of refraction lends itself to a cool effect. Now I need to figure out a way to design a project to take use of the fiber-optic effect :slight_smile:


Nice! You didn’t print this on a bowden setup did you? I’m thinking of getting some TPU to mess around with, maybe I’ll try this one.

The Sainsmart TPU is rigid enough that you can run it through a bowden. You have to go pretty slow and retractions are messier than direct drive. But I’ve seen plenty of pictures of people who have done it. But I converted mine to direct drive a while ago:


Oh wow those parts are really nice. Never thought to do powdercoat at home like that with a toaster oven to bake it on. Came out really nice looking!

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Yeah, super easy to do at home. Cheap harbor freight gun and a toaster oven is all you need. you can even get fancy with a furnace filter and old large cardboard box and a box fan and make yourself a spray booth :slight_smile: