New tool to me, Saturday

I have been wanting an electric planer for some time. For a tool that I am not sure how often I would use, spending a lot of money was hard to justify. Of course I have been scouring Craigslist for one but they are always more expensive than if I purchased a new one. So to my surprise I found a nice Ridgid planer for $130.00 that had been only slightly used. Still has the new replacement blades and all the tools. SCORE!


Nice Score!

You need to find out if you have a local hardwood dealer or carpentry shop that you can buy scraps from. Then you will get lots of use out of the planer as you mill the scraps to the dimensions you need. If you don’t have a jointer then you can make a sled jig to hold a warped piece level-ish as you run it through the planer to flatten the first side.

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That is a nice find…
A planer is one of those tools that surprisingly will find its way into your woodworking routine on a regular basis.
Dimensional lumber these days is such crap. I mill most of my dimensional lumber down until it is straight and has a decent finish and it makes a big difference in the quality of the work (things fit) and of course how it looks. I find this is especially true when the project is designed on CAD where the dimensions of materials are assumed to be accurate.