New tool for me!

My friend who purchased my K40 was showing me some leather earrings he made on the laser. It just so happened that I was looking at leather punches on Amazon so I mentioned the ones that I was looking at. One thing led to another and I ended up purchasing the punches. They are a lot smaller than I thought but are useful. While I was waiting for the punches, I was looking at presses and found this one at Harbor Freight for a few dollars more than an Arbor press so of course I had to buy it! It is a 6 ton press and is small enough to fit on a bench top. I am also thinking of making leather impression dies with the 3D printer so this will also be useful.

I assembled it in the house because the garage was just too cold!


That is nice… I need to not want to need one!

BTW I bought these and have used them a lot on many different materials.


These are the punches I ordered. They are sold by multiple vendors.