new to eletronics and smoothie


Im a novice when it comes to eletronics and , after reading all of the documentation on the smoothie website I got confused.

The stepper motors that I have are rated to 2.8A and on the documentation it says that the drivers are only rated to 2A.
There is a way to electronically limit the current but I dont know if I can do that even if i loss performance orif I can put the stepper motores on the mosfets that have higher current limits.

Finally I would like to know if , to place new drivers on the board , its as easy as soldering them on or if something else is necessary.

Sorry for my very limited knowledge and probably easy questions!

Cheers, Gabriel

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I also found out that my steppers have a 2.6A holding current which is above what the smoothieboard drivers can handle. What I did was derate the current in the config down to 1.8A and have been running my Delta like that with no problems or missed steps, even when cranking the speed right up.

Your other option, apart from purchasing smaller amperage steppers is to use external stepper drivers and feed the pulse train and direction from the smoothieboard to the external driver. There are solder pads already on the board next to the stepper IC chips and they just need connectors soldering to them.

Thank you for all your help! Gonna try lowering the current and testing out the motors right away!