New to 3D printing.

(Martin Karlsson) #1

New to 3D printing. I’ve been printing the XYZ calibration cube, trying to get a successful print. I think I’ve found a pretty good temperature for 0.2 mm layer height. But I’d like some pointers on temperature and flow. Do you guys print at different temperatures for different layer heights? Do you figure this out by testing or can you calculate it based on flow? Rule of thumb?

(Thomas Cox) #2

Temperature is a function of the material. Look up a temp tower model.

I print PLA at 205c and ABS at 235c

(Martin Karlsson) #3

Thanks, I’ll test print one of those. But do you print at the same temp regardlessly of layer height and speed?

(Christoph Pech) #4

Yes. Except if you go near the extrusion limit of the hotend, then increasing the temperature can push that limit a bit further.

(Martin Karlsson) #5

My printer is a Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini (apparently the same as Cocoon Create Model Maker, I think it’s called) , so it’s not the best circumstances.
When printing earlier I have been going for 205, but looking at this I decided to try a calibration cube at 220. I think I remember reading that this printer might report the wrong temperature, and 220 seems a bit high? The filament is PrimaVALUE.
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(Martin Karlsson) #6

The platforms at the side warps, insufficient cooling on the back?
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(Martin Karlsson) #7

Printed at 220 degrees Celsius
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(Thomas Cox) #8

What is your nozzle diameter?

(Martin Karlsson) #9

0.4 mm