New SPJS v1.80 with better garbage collection (helps solve some of the stalled jobs

New SPJS v1.80 with better garbage collection (helps solve some of the stalled jobs some folks have seen on slower machines), a new “broadcast” tag to help features like pendants, and the “hostname” tag to differentiate multiple SPJS’s on the network.

Nice. Hopefully this corrects my issue.

@y_milord What machine do you run SPJS on? I’m finding that Raspberry Pi is the worst case for slowness and thus stalled jobs. The new Raspberry Pi 2 is amazing for running jobs with no stalls. So, curious.

RPi B+

Ok, well, just keep in mind then how bad Rpi B+ is. Slowness actually can affect the SPJS performance on that device. I have not found that problem on BBB, Intel Edison, or any desktop/laptop like Mac/Windows.

However, the new version may perform 100% fine. So, please let me know.

Huh okay. Never had performance issues before I switched to CP on the same device. But yeah I’ll let you know.

i’ve also never had issues running SPJS on Rpi B+. Thanks for this update though! Sounds like great improvements.

I’ve had issues with spjs consuming 100% CPU, especially when the USB device goes away and comes back or is rebooted. This while running on my linux laptop.

Just to clarify on performance on Rpi, in general Rpi works great and has worked well for 99% of folks. However, I’ve got some Gcode files sent to me by some users that do seem to cause stalls but only on Rpi–not any other device. I’ve been in testing mode for the last 2 weeks to see why. If you have basic Gcode then SPJS runs great all the time and on every device including Rpi. When you have Gcode with tiny movements, thus massive processing in/out, this seems to be where you may get a stall, but it’s random and has to do with the randomness of garbage collection. This latest version should help to solve.

ahh… interesting. so curious, when the problem does occur on Rpi, are those setups running in runlevel 3 with no X?

@Frank_Graffagnino ​​​ it has the broadcast tag so your pendant can communicate to a future pendant widget if you wanted to create one, I.e. have a voice file play when you toggle the move by units on the shuttle device.

Saw that. Have it on my local to do list. Thanks man!