New site for selling your creations

I am not affiliated with this site nor do I make any compensation from them.

On another forum, the owner of this site was espousing the virtues of it. What I find interesting is that you can sell individual items or set up a virtual shop. The owner seems to respond quickly to questions.


" (1) Post a Product and we sell it … similar to making a Facebook Post … during account registration which is free we connect with your PayPal or Venmo account and from that point on users just have to post the project to the site and we sell it. When it sales they request a withdrawal and the money is transferred to their paypal account.

(2) Set up a Vendor Store - This is a fully functional online stores that allow you to run your business anyway you like, it allows you to set up taxes (we help with this), coupon codes, shipping preferences, invoices, printable reports, tracking orders and shipments. All is customizable to suit your business.

Inventory is not an issue as you only sell as much or little as you like and all vendors have the option of “Made to Order” to only build orders that are sold.

Our main goal is to build a community that promotes trades, crafts and artists and highlights skills. For more information checkout the site or feel free to email me at

in terms of fee’s (commissions) we charge a 5% transaction fee and the payment processor (PayPal or Venmo) hits us at 3% processing fee. There is no cost to open up a vendor online store or no cost to Post Products."

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Interesting site, same fee schedule as Etsy.

The site fee schedule actually says there is a $0.20 listing fee that is good for 90 days. Same as Etsy.

I opened a shop and will play with it a bit to see if it’s worthwhile.

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Thanks for the information.
You will have to let us know how it goes. I have heard that Etsy now requires vendors to supply free shipping with orders over $35.

The free shipping on Etsy on orders over $35 is optional, but you get preferred placement in search if you do. They claimed their internal research showed $35 was basically a sweet spot. You can also raise your price a bit to help cover the cost which is probably what most people are doing and what I did. I’ve seen a small increase in sales over $35 since I opted in.