New reseller of 3d gloop in Europe

(Gentili Giuliano) #1

A news for all people interested in 3d-gloop living in Europe. Since few days is available a new reseller for 3d-gloop in Danmark. It’s internet site is not properly “user-friendly”, when I tried to buy the only options were Sweden and Danmark. But I contacted him from facebook messanger and was really easy to find a solution.

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(Michael K Johnson) #2

Can you talk about what’s special about 3D Gloop?

3d gloop
(Gentili Giuliano) #3

It’s a really practical and convenient way to stick ABS and PLA to glass, without the need of heating the surface (even if for ABS some heat in the Chambers would be desirable) but it is also usable as smoothing agent or as glue for join together parts (of course ABS Version for ABS and PLA Version for PLA). There are many reviews on it on YouTube. Unfortunately using it as smoothing agent was kinda expansive (shipping from US increase proportionally to the quantity so there is no significant money Save to buy bigger quantities).

(anon57870006) #4

What about sticking PETG to glass? If you see my multibot it has a bed 1200x300 mm. I am going to heat the bed for now but for the long term spending so much energy is not desirable.
Very important to know how easy would it be to loose such a long item from the bed: using head and cooldown it pops up by itself.

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According to what they say Pet/PETG gloop is still in developement and was released only a beta test batch. Probably soon it wll be available

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