New raspberry pi housing for a project.

New raspberry pi housing for a project. This pi is only using Ethernet and wireless so all the other ports are hidden. Nice fit.

Printed in blue translucent PLA from ultimachine.

Nice… Thinking of selling them?

@David_Gates I hadn’t planned on it but if you’d like one I’d be willing to work something out. I’d be happy to make you one.

great job … it looks like a mac-mini-pi

This is great because it so practical. 3D printing can/is obviously do so much more.

Nevertheless, when non-techies realize they now have an easy way to obtain/improve a copy of all the random plastic pieces that are broken, lost, or not yet perfected in their daily life, they are going to go nuts.

And the platforms and designers that facilitate this are going to be extremely successful.

Have you published the design files anywhere?

@Alfie_John No issues so far. I have seen Pis used in sealed applications such as outdoor APs and weather stations so I figured I would be ok. I just looked it up and Pi apparently has no cooling or ventilation requirements. Good to know. @Felipe_Rojas Ha… Yup. That’s about what I was going for.

@Shane_Graber have not posted it yet. I wanted to refine the port cutouts but haven’t gotten there yet.

Careful of those rounded corners, may have Apple after you

@Kane_Lambert haha! No doubt.

gr8… Just post when you’re happy with it and I’ll contact you. Tnx…

@Corey_Punches I’m not sure. I suppose it depends on the heat sync the top of the case is about 2mm from the highest point on the Pi if that helps. Yup. Thingiverse is where I’ll post it. I’m JPL4 on there.

@David_Gates will do. Thanks.

Your thoughts - How does one get into 3D printing? Seems the equipment hasn’t reached a practical price point for the masses quite yet.

+David Gates I think you really have to have a need at this point. You’re right, it hasn’t quite reached the masses just yet and to be honest I’m not sure it will for awhile. 3D printers get compared to the early days of personal computing frequently but I just don’t see the market moving as fast. Until printing is literally the click of a button it will be far more convenient and affordable (if you value your time) to go buy that same part for $10. I can see it becoming a massive niche market but not something in everyones office just yet. I think printers are a great tool for anyone who has a desire to create something from an idea. I personally had a list of ideas and some of my favorites were dependent on building a proper prototype to see if they worked. I would say if you have a goal in mind, enjoy the challenge and can invest in a printer it’s far more than worth it.