New 'Prusa' build, 300mm/sec.

(Rien Stouten) #1

New ‘Prusa’ build, 300mm/sec.
MKS Gen L , simple 4988 stepper drivers, dual motor Y axis.
@Eduardo_Schoenknecht gave me the inspiration for this.
Extrusions 30X30mm, all rods are 16mm. Igus bearings for Y.

(Eduardo Schoenknecht) #2

Awesome! Looks really tough!

(Rien Stouten) #3

@Eduardo_Schoenknecht . Thanks for the inspiration. I didn’t put the motors in series like you did though, I use individual drivers for each motor.Seems to work.

(George Novtekov) #4

If you replace your motor drivers with TMC 2xxx you will be amaized how smoother your system will become. Also consider in the future to replace IGUS with hiwin bearings and rods. We test a lot and igus bearings can’t compare with reputable brand bearings despite that they come a little cheaper the diffrence in service life is insain. Igus will require change every year compare ti hiwin wich wi require greasing.

(Eduardo Schoenknecht) #5

@Rien_Stouten If you are running on 12V, to reach 300mm/s it is better to have individual drivers. If you have 24V, you could save one. I agree with, @George_Novtekov , this nice printer deserves Trinamic drivers. Combined with polymer bearings it will be super smooth.

(Rien Stouten) #6

Maybe I should have mentioned I try to recycle as many parts from an old printer as possible, hence the cheap drivers, Igus bearings, etc.