New open source all in one

Dang, I have not finished with the new laser diode machine and then this!!!
Very interesting, wonder how rea/practical it is???

M $0.02? I went down the rabbit hole of making an all-in-one 3D printer+laser+CNC router when I first got into 3D printers (doesn’t everyone?)

Putting a small laser on a 3D printer is mostly doable—they have similar light and fast structural design goals.

But a CNC router (or mill) needs to be rigid and speed is less of a concern. It might work for (slowly) milling a PCB, but it will be less than ideal.


I figured the cnc feature for making small parts that the laser diode cannot cut, especially plastic flat work.

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Looks like a neat toy. These are great for people learning.

It has a large distance between the tool and it’s closest vertical support, meaning it will flex and have a pendulum effect if you move it quickly or load it. When you machine (CNC) something, the tool needs to be very rigid, since you are pushing it in it’s weakest direction. Looks nice, but it’s uses are pretty limited. Wonder what the tolerance to it’s finished parts are?

Someone made a comment that the firmware should take gcode. The developer replied “okey”, makes you wonder… It seems there’s some kind of software in the middle?