New Native American Flute design

Made a flute with a new design. Not sure if I like it. It is square-ish instead of round-ish. Red cedar and maple construction tuned to F#.

I still haven’t made a totem for it yet. Still deciding what spirit animal I want to put on there. Maybe a dragon or loch ness monster (jk). I have several animal totems designs for the cnc but haven’t decided which one to use for this one.

What are your opinions on the design? Nay or Aye.


I used to make these on my wood lathe.
It’s nice, how does it play?

Thank you. Not sure how to explain it but It sounds a little soft/dull???. Its tuned to F# but not perfect. Not one of my favorites sounding-wise.

I was trying to figure out an easier way to make flutes but don’t like it.

I dropped my personal flute onto a concrete floor and cracked it pretty good. I took a chance and threw a ton of glue into the cracks and hoped for the best and pulled it out of the clamps today. I think I lucked out and have my flute back.

This is my flute and it has a very nice sound to it (F#).

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If I recall (many years ago) we routed a 1/2 circle down the length, glued the 1/2’s together and then turned on the lathe.

We also experimented with drilling the body with rifle drills.

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Very cool. That how I make them as well. Route with 7/8 cove bit on each side and then glue together.

I’ve started to use different species of wood to fancy em up a bit. For my next ones I am going to use purple heart as the accents.


New totem model and three new flutes I made in this series. Eastern red cedar, maple, purpleheart. The totem is cnc carved in purpleheart.