New low cost graphical panel for Smoothieware

Hi all. I build low cost simple graphical panel based on STM32F103C8T6 “Blue Pill” board and color TFT GLCD with ILI9325 chip with 320x240 resolution. Also it has 1 encoder and 1 button, but you may set up to 8 buttons, include encoder button. Firmware created with CoIDE, placed on Github. Hardware directory include pcb-project for this adapter created in Altium Designer and fotos.

This TFT GLCD Adapter developed to work wiht Smoothieware firmware to replace old monochrome LCDs with low resolution fonts. Goal of this adapter – you may use TFT LCD screen with different resolution and different chip, change used font, change icons, change output information as you want without changing Smoothieware firmware.

For use this adapter you need compile Smoothieware firmware from my repo or you may take only 3 files: src\modules\utils\panel\Panel.cpp for replace current, src\modules\utils\panel\panels\TFTGLCDAdapter.* as new files and put them to your firmware sources directory and recompile binary. Then you need set “panel.enable” parameter in config file to “true”, change “panel.lcd” parameter to “tft_glcd_adapter” and set proper parameters for SPI bus.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing :smiley: