New LaserWeb Windows exe (version 4.0.999-138)

I had time to reinstall the whole development environment and get the complete LaserWeb repos to correctly compile. The result is an updated Windows installer with the latest frontend and some bug fixes.

It would be nice if some of you could test this.

I will then try to build new Linux AppImage and Mac DMG too.


Will the new version run on a Raspberry Pi or will it be Appimage only?

The EXE only works on Windows, but if you follow the Raspberry Pi installation instrunctions, you also get the new version (4.0.138 backend with embedded 4.0.999 frontend).

The AppImage and DMG is not ready yet.

Question, is it possible to map a gradient on a line to laser intensity? SVG can have a gradient color for the line, can that same gradient be used to control the laser power over the length of the line?

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly,
Do you mean that one line for example fades from 20% black to 100% black?
Or do you mean that a 50% black line should use 50% power?

In vector mode, each line segment from the SVG creates one G1 command and can ony have one power setting. If you want to engrave fading lines, you would need to spit the line into shorter segments for each grayscale value. An easyer solution would probably be to save the file as JPG and use a raster operation for engraving.

Laser Cut operations don’t use the linecolor for laser power. But you can create one operation for each color (with the color filter). This way you can set different power for different colors.

The color filter is often used to combine engraving and cutting operations in one job.