New lamp project....

(DigitalJax) #1

New lamp project…

(Marc Miller) #2

Nice! Looks like a great size.

Any video? Or build photos? Number of pixels?

(DigitalJax) #3

720, 5x144 video uploaded. This is beta, not finished…

(DigitalJax) #4

Planning to add 2 more meters of 144s. ESP32

(Andrew Tuline) #5

A video of this should look just awesome!

(Jack Keeney) #6

What did you use for the diffuser…Looks great!

(Scrat_The_Skeptic_Squirrel _) #7

I don’t have a clue what he used, but you can go to Michaels and get clear plastic sheeting and I imagine you can get it frosted, or just get some medium grit sandpaper and wet sand it lightly

(DigitalJax) #8

I started with this

(Andrew Tuline) #9

And for those of us on the poverty payment program, there’s always HOLMÖ:

(DigitalJax) #10

This was on sale for $35, not that bad…

(DigitalJax) #11

Added an additional meter of 144 and a 5 meter of 60.

missing/deleted image from Google+

(DigitalJax) #12

I am currently using +Jason Coon 's jasoncoon/esp32-fastled-webserver , I really need to learn to code…
BTW: sorry for the worktable mess… :slight_smile:

(DigitalJax) #13

missing/deleted image from Google+

(Marc Miller) #14

That’s so cool. The additional lights are awesome.

Also never apologise for your work area! It is what allows cool stuff like this to be made. :smiley:

(Chris Parton) #15

This looks awesome, great work!

Maybe we should start “show off your messy workspace” thread :wink:

(DigitalJax) #16

lol, its horrible wile I work but gets cleaned up after I am happy with the finished product. I am very lucky my wife allows me to have my workstation and build are in the front room…

(Chris Parton) #17

@DigitalJax I think lots of us have been there. I must admit, one of my favourite parts of a project is when it’s finished and I can finally clean up all the mess!

(Nidal HADDAD) #18

@DigitalJax hi mate, great job, can you share the code please ? thank you very much.