New issue since Chilipeppr downtime - Machine Pauses

Hi, using TinyG. Ever since the site came back up, I am getting periodic, random pauses in my machine as a program runs. I was just doing very simple circle pockets and paths, one at a time, and the router will pause for 1 - 5 secs during the program. I noticed this on every run I did. After the pause, it goes back to normal until the next pause. I haven’t had any issues like this for they last couple of years I’ve been running CP, so I tend to think it is related to the downtime, but of course they could be coincidental.

Go to the cog wheel “settings” icon in Gcode widget.

Then you’ll see this dialog.

Try changing number of lines to send at once to a higher number like 150 from the default of 50.


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Thanks John - I’ll give that a shot tonight.