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Hi all, I am just getting into lasers and as a start picked up a K40 used for a pretty decent deal and was hoping to get some help on a few questions. I looked everywhere and could not fins a brand or model number so not 100 percent what I have. I can say the seller did demo it, so I know it works, so that’s a start. He provided that he used K40 Whisperer for software. I want to migrate to Light Burn eventually, and was planning on the Monport board, however did see some differences to mist K40s I see on YouTube.
My first question is what is the large capacitor that is attached to the side of the case in the electronics compartment (see picture)? Also, if I go with the new board can I eliminate it? I also include a picture of my current board and power supply yo see if anyone possibly knows what brand of laser I have. Sorry for the long post and appreciate any help that can be provided.

First, see the K40 Intro currently linked from the top of every page here if you haven’t already done so. It has lots of important detail about these machines. It links out to the rest of the posts in the Getting Started with CO2 Lasers category.

If the board you have works, and you would like to use lightburn, consider trying Meerk40t, which can present itself to lightburn as a supported device (gcode or DSP) and translate that to with with the board you already have.

That large component is probably a ballast resistor. They are not always used. Leave it there unless/until you need to replace the laser power supply, at which point most current laser power supplies don’t need it (but I think it also doesn’t hurt).


Sorry, forgot one picture.

Hi, these k40s don’t really have a model per se, but are usually define by the type of components it has. You have a M2 Nano control board which is very common for these machines.


Can you provide a picture of the top of the machine to see the layout?

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Thanks for the reply, here are a couple pictures. The pineapple came with no extra charge, lol.

Ok, so definitely an older machine. The power supply did look like an older model which would explain the ballast resistor. So you would want to keep the resistor.

The analog current meter is good as that is preferred over the digital power control some machines have. Allows you to see the actual power being applied to the tube. The minimum lasing power is around 3mA and you generally want to stay below 15mA for the sake of tube life. Since this is a used machine the condition of the tube will be interesting to see once you get it fired up.

Like Michael suggested, read though the getting starting section to get grounded on CO2 laser machines.

Let us know if you have any questions.