New GCodeSimulator for PC V1.41

New GcodeSimulator for PC version V141 on Thingiverse.
-shows a scrolling list of gcodes when stepping through in debug/pause mode
-adds an additional details view to show the current gcode (±20)

Free to download here:


Great stuff, looks pretty good, will try it when I get around to fixing my printer (damn thing).

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Excellent tool. Thanks for all your effort.

One issue I found with G2 and G3 codes:

I believe with a G2/G3 command where the X and Y positions are set to the current X and Y positions the system should complete a full circle.
At least this is how a Prusa i3 based on Marlin firmware interprets the command.

Currently the software ignores a G2/G3 command when X and Y are at current location.

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