New GCodePrintr Beta V3.52 is out - Pushover Notifications

New #GCodePrintr Beta V3.52 is out !

Added #Pushover support to send notifications to another phone. (see .
Notify when print started, is 50% done, is completed or interrupted.
Notify if filament sensor detects runout
Notify if cold extrusion prevented
Notify if power loss is detected (Prusa Mk3S)
Notify if ambient temperature is >85C and do Emergency stop (Prusa Mk3S)
Use M118/M117 cmds to add custom notifications to gcode.
Some more Tasker events added

In addition, many improvments had been put into GCodePrintr V3.50 Beta release already:

Major improvements to the web interface !
More Ajax requests, fixed auto refresh, etc.
Show simulaton view on web interface when printing.
Add magnifier to webcam picture.
Recent files view shows files which have been received over network
Fix bluetooth permission bug with Android 9+
Fix webserver crash on Android 10+
more bug fixes

Please report any issues with the Beta. If no issues are left, I will promote the beta to production!!