New front panel with Raspberry.

(Sandro Perini) #1

New front panel with Raspberry.

(Anil Choudhary) #2

What is this?

(Duncan Gunn) #3

Maybe he’s using Octopi to control his 3D printer and just wants a very tidy setup. I think the panel looks quite smart.

(Sandro Perini) #4

@Anil_Choudhary This is my solution to install a Raspberry Pi in my printer. It is easier to remove the board when needed and it is functional for connecting it to a local lan or to a webcam. Now I’m using the Octoprint server.

(Anil Choudhary) #5

@Sandro_Perini Wow. Nice. Great work. Thank you. I want your help in purchasing the new 3d printer.

(Sivakaman) #6