New for me but older 3D printer acquisition Rigidbot Big 3D printer

I just purchased a Rigidbot Big 3D printer. It has a build volume of 300 x 400 x 254 mm. Core XY.

Paid $100 and not sure if it works yet. The only negative review is the 12vdc @15 amp PS. It can overheat and catch fire! Guess what will be the first part that gets replaced? Will update on progress.

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I have a Bibo II that I use. Do you have another 3d printer?

Printed the tube extensions on my machine with it…

Covered this



Haven’t done much to modify it, don’t really know what kind of mods are worth doing.

I have had it virtually disassembled, so I know the innards to some degree.

Sound like the price was right… Post us a photo… :grinning:



I actually have two other ones, an older Sunhokey Prusa clone and a Geeetech A10.

Getting a better look at it today, it looks like the frame and mechanics are the only salvageable parts. Good thing I have a new direct drive hot end I just purchased to update the Prusa clone. I have an Arduino Mega that I could use with a Marlin shield for now to get it going. I will need to see where I want to go for a controller later on.

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Sounds great. If you can recover the frame you can at least make a working one.

I can mount a laser on the Bibo, but never tried it. Consider that?

Are the motors OK?



I do have a J-Tech laser that I was thinking of putting on it. As for the steppers, I have not fired anything up yet. I am thinking of installing beefier steppers.

As I mentioned before, all the mechanicals appear to be just fine. The Ribbon connection for the hot end is missing at the controller side. I do not like that it is using the ribbon wires to power the hot end.

I have been searching high and low for all the information on the unit. It seems most of it has been removed from the web. I was able to find the wiki on the way back machine but I’m not sure if all the information is still available there.

There is a Facebook group that has minimal interaction. There also appears to be a MeWe group.

I’m trying to find out what version this is too. I think it is a V2 due to the spacing of the z guide rods which are 3" apart.

If you know where I can find information it would be greatly appreciated!

When I used Google, there was an option to pick up on ‘cached’ or missing versions of hits from the search engine. Meaning that the ‘removed content’ still exists on the google data base which had some if not all of it cached on it’s machines.

It’s been more than a decade ago when I did this. I have no idea of the options now. For my efforts it paid off.

Might try googling cached web pages or something…


Yep, that’s what I have been doing. The problem is a lot of the links are broken when you do that. Also a lot of content is not available in cached form.

Yep, don’t you just love computers…


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