New feature in ChiliPeppr lets you laser/mill out solder masks for your Eagle Board!

New feature in ChiliPeppr lets you laser/mill out solder masks for your Eagle Board! Check it out.

This has me pretty excited. Solder masks have always been something that ive been itching to do, but they’re always so fiddly before curing.

I feel that the widget selection button idea is getting a little overloaded. Im wondering if it makes sense to directly expose the site header as a workspace widget explicitly, or at least allow a workspace item to register as a primary menu item, and move all the widget buttons in to a dropdown beside workspaces… Its slightly funky from a UX perspective, being that its a child living next to the parent, buuuutttt… It’d sure clean things up a lot, and make it a little more intuitive.

Would you be up for trying to make some UI changes? I agree with you that the widget selection buttons are overwhelming. They were simply a product of just cranking out features, rather than UI cleanup. I think if we added a pulldown menu system in ChiliPeppr and any widget could register a menu item via pub sub we’d be in an amazing spot. I end up focusing on adding tools since they are a ton of work in their own right, and end up not giving much time to cleaner layout.

Yeah, ill tackle that. I took a step back last night to start re-thinking my raspi changes and back-porting them to the general widgets. Ill start pulling everything together for this rework. On another note, getting pretty close to having my CNC build finished :smiley:

@Daniel_Chote very nice! How are you driving the VFD? Also where did you get the spindle mount. @jlauer and I have the exact same machine and our spindle is way less powerful. Was that part of the kit you bought?

Well, we have 3040’s. He’s got the bigger 6040, so I’m a bit jealous!

I actually had the VFD + Spindle for a larger custom build that got back-burnered due to the lack of space. I went with a 6040 kit that had an 80mm spindle mount packaged, and no other components, just the aluminum/ballscrews/rails, etc. I then purchased the tinyg, steppers, stepper brackets, etc and then started 3d printing the other things I needed.

As for control, I’m about to assemble my TinyG to VFD solution this weekend using some optocouplers and a pwm to 0-10v board

Any way to run the VFD like smoothie? I have one of these I run manually now and this is the first time I’ve seen a way to run them other than the 0-10v approach.

This Idea is amazing, in special for a Solder Dispenser. I can use this widget to control a stepper with a solderPasteDispenser and auger pump. Great Work @jlauer !

@Daniel_Chote That link you did for the bracket does not work as it goes to YOUR photos link. I think you have to click on the google photo then click on the share button then select copy link.

My elegant mister reservoir solution. PC water cooling reservoir and a quick bracket designed in Fusion360, then 3D printed. Total cost ~14 bucks. (Repost as it seems editing a comment with a photo breaks it, g+ bug)missing/deleted image from Google+

Not sure if it was mentioned, but Laser + Vinyl = deadly gases that will literally kill you! The spray paints are ok, but stay away from the vinyl cutting.

@Brian_Saban thanks for the heads up (now realize what post this is on). I do remember reading about that when looking in to co2 laser cutters.

I did add a warning into the video.