New Episode Of My Series "Functional Print" Tell Me What You Think!

(Callum Vidler) #1

New Episode Of My Series “Functional Print” Tell Me What You Think!

(Frank “Helmi” Helmschrott) #2

Great Video. I love the idea of teaching people to use 3D printing for functional parts. A few suggestions: Why not use Software that is a bit more accessible to everyone like @Autodesk_Fusion_360 ? It’s actually quite near to Inventor so there’s not soo much to learn for you. Also I would suggest setting the screen resolution or the window of recording to the native 1080p resolution (1920x1080) - this way the interface elements would be more clearly visible.

(Callum Vidler) #3

@Frank_Helmi_Helmschr Yeah the problem is the recording software i have and many i have tried have trouble with my 4K display when i set the scaling to say 150%, so i have to keep it at 100% to record. And i think most of the concepts are easily transferable to fusion 360 or many other software packages, as many have tools like “extrude, fillet, etc…” That being said this isnt meant as a tutorial for someone starting 3d modeling or even a tutoral at all, its more of me designing something and you being able to see the thought processes i go through. But thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

(Frank “Helmi” Helmschrott) #4

Oh well then sorry for beeing so critical. Still like your idea and videos though - keep on rockin’

(Peter Hertel) #5

I really like these videos, interesting to see another persons design process. Great work!

(christophe malvasio) #6

Callum your gears look nice
can you design a gear lib for openscad (or more functional libs) ?

(Adam Steinmark) #7

I still agree with @Frank_Helmi_Helmschr . I can understand your point of view Callum and I like what you’re trying to do but when 80% of your video is about the design software, you should pick something everyone can use and follow along to. Or just post a separate video in which you design the part. Otherwise it’s just 28 min of watching you 3D model which really isn’t interesting. There were a few things you said that were useful like using a gear generator to create the gears instead of modeling them yourself that I would keep in the video. Otherwise, I think you should take the modeling part out or post it in a separate video and maybe use a free piece of software. I hope I didn’t offend you, I know some people in this community take offense easily. I’m just trying to give some constructive criticism and I really do think your channel has a lot of potential. Looking forward to seeing more videos of yours.

(Frank “Helmi” Helmschrott) #8

Just to clear things up: I’m totally not saying that @Callum_Vidler should do anything. There’s no need to use free software or to change anything. I just thought some tips could help him reach and educate people a bit better but for me personally it’s still ok to watch the videos as they are. I’m used to 3d modelling enough to copy what he does in whatever software i use and i totally love to see his design approach - therefore watching him modelling is totally fine for me.

(Callum Vidler) #9

@Frank_Helmi_Helmschr @Adam_Steinmark I think for the next episode i will try something like 123D Design as thats free for everyone. That being said Autodesk inventor is pretty easy to get a hold of using a student licence, and autodesk said that they wont pursue anyone for pirating their software for personal use, which i think its great. That being said i understand where everyone is coming from and i will try to use a more widespread software package in the future, some things especially like the gear generator are not available in other free cad packages. Im also thinking of making a video demonstrating how i use stress simulation to predict if parts are going to fail before i print them. If i do go through with that idea i will need to use a much more powerful package like inventor professional. Thanks for all the feedback guys, i really appreciate it. If you have any ideas of future projects that would be interesting to see, feel free to tell me as im always open to other peoples perspective.

(Frank “Helmi” Helmschrott) #10

Fusion360 from Autodesk is quite similar to Inventor - maybe not that powerful in detail but definitely very powerful. They offer free licences for Startups and Enthusiasts which makes it free for not Students only. I haven’t worked with 123D Design or Tinkercad so much but i think they would be more limited.

Anyways - don’t want to be to critical in the end. Just suggesting things. Everyone that goes forward and creates content showing how they work is a great value for the community. :slight_smile:

(christophe malvasio) #11

well i see that none of you is handicapped (fine ;))
but i will insist on openscad as it is easy to install, open-source and the only software i found people as handicapped as me (that can’t use a mouse to design) can use
designs in it are just scripts (less weigth to share) and if it was full of good libs (scripts too) for easy designs everyone could use DIY (even via speak to text)
as my math is bad i can’t help …