New episode! 1st episode in the DSLRigger creation series.

New episode! 1st episode in the DSLRigger creation series. Using 3D-printers and CAD to create the best open source hardware camera-rig system.

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In this Episode:
Rod-connectors, 3D-scanning, 3D-printing and Main part finished

I’ve started work on the geared follow focus, but it’s tricky and will take some extra time to get completed. The FF-system will use glue (for now) to fit inside a structure that angles the torque 90 degrees, so your FF-knob/wheel is rotating towards/away from you. Just like any system today. The main gear that attaches to the lens will of course be adjustable and available in different sizes for different lenses.

Next episode: 3D-scanning, Reference data, Follow focus and assembly!

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very very kool

What program is that done in?

@Nils_S It’s all made in Rhino 3D from McNeel. Machines used in this video is MakerBot Replicator 2 and the MakerBot Digitizer

I’ve been meaning to try that one again. I’m on osx and not sure how the far along the build is. Or what’s missing.

Do you intend to share the parts as they are created? BTW, Niles S - Rhino has a free version for the Mac as they go through it’s development.

@Bill_Downs Absolutely! As soon as the first version and assembly is confirmed to work, everything will be released on =)