New display of old tools

This fall-winter I plan to refurbish my entire workshop. Paint walls, trim organization etc.
Right now the shop is a mess…

As I prepare for this painstaking event I am systematically validating and modifying how each toolset is stored. Most of the shop will be converted to french cleat mounting and individual tool holders.

In the case of my antique tool collection, I do not like how they were mounted vertically on the wall. I have already dropped one of them while retrieving it :(.

So I completely rebuilt the plane storage …

The case is made of blue pine and it mounts on a french cleat so it is easily removed.

The top slot is waiting for a 24" Stanley # 7 if I ever find one to restore at a good price.


That’s just plane nuts! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Your shop is too neat. I’m starting to think that you really do not make anything and spend all your time cleaning your tools and arranging them.


@HalfNormal I have achieved my goal. That is, convincing you that my shop is always clean and dormant …
If I posted everything I make you guys would start to feel inadequate!!!

Kidding aside…

Turns out that my biggest problem is that I have so many tools I forget which drawer they are in and then buy a duplicate.

I have learned that it’s best to hang all tools in plane view :stadium: and get rid of the unruly drawers.That is the reason for the shop redesign.


You’re right on the mark! It’s tool envy!


I have to many toolboxes. I was a contractor for many years and thought I had to be mobilized. It’s easy to see how talented you are by the way you keep your work space organized