New 80W LPSU & Tube seem to be under performing, ammeter reads 5mA max

New laser and tube, seem to be underpowered.
analog milliammeter reads a max of 5mA on a scale of 30

tested with potentiometer set at max, min, and in between values.
lower values on potentiometer lowers ammeter value, higher values, and even mid values max out at 5mA

tested using laser “test” button on the LPSU, as well as a momentary push button wired to ‘L’ & ‘P’ terminals

LPSU is 80W

attempts at trying to cut material, prove to me its power is being limited, and not a simple malfunction of the ammeter.

what could cause the laser to be so weak?
incorrect wiring?
long wire runs?
wrong gauge wires?

ill include a wiring diagram.

Check and make sure that the selector switch on the PSU is set to the correct voltage if it is 110V/220V user selectable. I have seen this issue before because of that.

This is the LPSU

I don’t see a switch on the outside anywhere, would i have to open it up to find it?

I should point out this picture i see on the product page.