New 5XC problem - no movement at all.

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Ive got a Smoothie 1.1 5XC board, brand new out of the box.

Upgraded firmware
Flashed SD and loaded default config from the GitHub
Connected a stepper to pin 2.0/Alpha, after checking for stepper polarity pairs and wiring correctly.

The only change I made to the default config was to turn on the network, which worked fine.

I can find the board no problem through terminal, through Cura/Pronterface/Fabrica.

Commands all seem to work fine.

Endstop switches trigger, thermistors read temps, bed and hotend don’t turn on…

But no stepper movement.

I’ve tried steppers with 6-pin plugs, steppers with four wires - in any number of configurations - AABB, ABAB, BABA, BBAA - nowt.

Checked the stepper data sheet, plugged stepper into crappy Melzi board - worked first time.

What else can I test? Not sure what to change, if anything on the (X)_dir_pin, en_pin in the config.

Another issue is that I though maybe it was that I needed MOAR POWER - so I soldered in a 5V 1A voltage regulator - but no 5V. I checked the regulator on my bench power supply before soldering and got 5V from 24V. But nothing when its soldered on the board and the 24V is supplied. Can only communicate when USB connected. I have a 5V switch mode PSU which I can use, but that makes packaging my electronics more of a hassle and I can’t understand why my regulator doesn’t work.

I have checked my wiring, but may have overlooked something.

In basic theory, all I need is to supply 24V DC at the main connector and that will power my steppers, the mosfets, correct?

The wiki is confusing in that it states that you need separate power for logic, steppers and mosfets. I get that you need separate power for logic, but can’t find any separate power input for mosfets.

Have I had a senior/n00b moment?

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Senior moment.

And looks like I didn’t break anything, which is a bonus!

Nothing to see here - move along.