New 3D Printer Plans

I have an urge to build up a 3D printer from scratch. The KickStarter Smoothie V2 board is somewhere between Seattle and Phoenix heading my way and I decided to use this as the controller. I have a K40 laser and a Wanhao D6 running the Smoothie V1 board.

At this point I am gathering ideas. Looking through the older forum posts nothing recent is showing up. My plans include the following at this point:

  • Dual Extruders
  • Build volume in excess of 12"

I like the linear rail design that the D6 uses, the machine has been trouble free and a real workhorse. Curious as to what people would suggest for specific components

Are you looking to design your own, or scratch build an existing design?

Ganged or independent dual extruders?

Either way. I have a full on metal working shop at home were I make parts for and the local Ham Radio and Astronomy communities.

Was not aware of IDEX, and I will spend some time researching this. That sounds on the surface (pun intended) like a more flexible system. I am NOT doing production runs of parts. Mostly engineering samples for metal machining.

Beevo (aka Bill VanOrden)

The Voron project has a variety of designs to look at, including BOMs. That might be a helpful starting point.

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Thank you!

This is the kind of information I am looking for. I have no plans to “reinvent the wheel” but don’t want to go down any rabbit holes…

Beevo (aka Bill VanOrden)

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Oh, good. I’m glad it’s helpful info.

By the way, I’m also a machinist working from a home shop. I mostly work on miniatures and replicas for collectors and museums. Right now I’m making replacement parts for antique cameras, though.


Yeah, I’d be reasonably likely to pick something from the Voron family as a starting point if I were starting a project like this today. The RatRig has too many critical 3D printed parts for my taste, though I understand that many people are completely satisfied with it. While I chose the SK-Tank when I went through this exercise, I wouldn’t do that again for a variety of reasons.

For IDEX, you might consider GitHub - 3dprintingworld/MULDEX: Muldex - REP-RAP IDEX 3D Printer

I’d also look at:

I’m pretty sure you can put E3D toolchangers on a RailCore, which is another approach to multiple extruders.

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