Never saw one before, USB and SDcard in one.

(aeth aeth) #1

Never saw one before, USB and SDcard in one.


(Nita Vesa) #2

Yeah, that’s a new one for me, too! I suppose one could hide that away in the wallet or something, if one often finds the need to use such.

(Matt Harrington) #3

Perhaps you could make this 3D printing related by embedding it in something?

(ThantiK) #4

@Matt_Harrington , lots of people here use control boards which utilize SD cards for printing, etc. It’s related.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #5

@ThantiK I agree. I use an SD card with my printer. This could be kinda useful if you happen to need both an SD and Micro SD and don’t happen to have a card reader. Lol. It’s still neat to see though.

(ThantiK) #6

@Kevin_Danger_Powers it’s something I could keep in my wallet that looks far less bulky than the usb adapters I’ve seen. Especially since I’m reflashing pi’s on the regular.

(Ingo Ulrich) #7

Basically, I agree - my printer has a full size SD slot, but the full size card reader on my notebook has failed, so, what’s better than having the USB plug on the card adapter instead of having to fumble the micro SD out of the standard adapter into another card reader? But I see the same problem coming as @Brian_Cummings : This looks much too similar to the standard “fall to pieces after six months at the latest” micro SD adapters, but should be a tad more expensive than those (maybe more like a few times…) - USB<->SD needs a little more complex brains than the few brass strips of these cheap adapters…

(Andy Anderson) #8

Great for an emergency but I also agree it looks like it has a limited life if used frequently.

(Trực Chính) #9

Anyone has the link for it? Thanks