Negative volts output

Having almost got an Espduino and cnc shield v3 to run steppers etc and fire a laser, it begs the question: can I generate a negative voltage on one of the pins to trigger a Co2 tube as in a K40?

many thanks.

The K40 LPS uses 0v - 5V to trigger the firing of the CO2 tube. No negative voltages are required.

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Interesting, I was under the impression CO2 required a negative voltage.

No it’s negative logic. 0volt enables the laser and 5volt turns it off.


Okay. Interesting, thank you.

often called “active low” vs “active high” and there are even symbols used in chip data sheets to show active low( with a line over the signal name ).


@Lol999 If you can invert the PWM signal in the firmware, do it there. If your firmware can’t do that (like grbl), the you can use a n-channel mosfet to invert the signal.


Thanks Claudio!