Needing a second laser, a few quesitons

Hey there I need some advice on getting a second laser. I have this laser that I got from Ebay:

Current e-bay laser

It’s been great, I have no complaints. I have made several mods and it’s been working great. But I use it for business and I need a backup in case it was to go down. I can also use the increased production capacity.

So before I hop back on ebay I wanted to ask if there was another place I should order, to support a business that supports these forums?

Also, next question will be, is it possible to run two laser from one laptop, at the same time? Well I’m sure it’s possible, but what would you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance for any input, and a huge thanks to Ned who has helped me with several previous questions in PM’s.

We do not have any corporate sponsors, however a few members have laser related businesses. has a drop in replacement board that will allow you to use LightBurn as the software. does as well. BeamBuddy makes a high resolution laser head for the K40 that will allow you to engrave at a much higher resolution (Full disclosure, I am one of the principal owners of BeamBuddy).

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I’d really, really like to encourage people to go through questions in the public forum. The reason to have a forum at all is to multiply knowledge — so that a single answer helps multiple people. Going to private messages erases all that benefit.

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I know, :pleading_face: I swear it just happened that one time.


I bought my first laser off ebay, a returned burnt out unit came in place of a new one. Ebay said “oh, can’t help, see if paypal can” Paypal said “nah, dropshippers, what can you do”. So it cost me another tube and various connectors. I then bought one off Amazon knowing their return policy is actually legal and fairly hard for the seller to mess with.

Running two lasers from one PC is possible, but I would not run both lasers simultaniously over USB serial streaming.

Some controllers (like Smoothieboard or Cohesion3d) allow to upload the gcode file to the sd card and run it from there, which means it doesn’t need the pc to finaly run the code.

Another option migth be OctoPi (a Raspberry Pi with OctoPrint).

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I’m running mine of a Raspberry PI running K40 Whisperer.

I just FTP across the files it needs and use remote desktop to run the jobs. Works well, hasn’t failed yet.


I agree, and that is why I made this post instead of PM’ing anyone, in hindsight I see your point clearly.