Needed something to print,

Needed something to print, just to make sure the printers don’t collect too much dust. Trying the Makers Muse torture egg. I like printing perimeters outside in for better surface finish and tolerance (inside out can push last outside perimeters out if the inside perimeters are at all overstuffed). Looks like i need to dial in a hait more. The knife edge created by the window cut-outs in the egg leaves no room for error if the start of extrude begins on the edge. I wish you could tell simplify3d not to start at an edge. If it is a simple geometry I can define a seam start location. But for something with radial symmetry there is no good solution. That being said, not bad for a printer with a 850mm Bowden Tube :wink: (but there is always room for improvement).

Anyway, I don’t post as often as I used to. So I figured I would just shoot this out there.

Anyone out there printing anything cool? If so post it out. Always good to see our printers in action.

And a quick shout out to everyone who made it to MRRF. It was a blast. And glad to be able to talk to everyone who made it.

Looks great from this angle!

I am continuing to enjoy good prints, here are the front and back structural plates for my Inmoov Robot project. I have to do very little prep to get the pieces to interlock!

@Bruce_Lunde you are getting better all the time. Your prints are starting to look great. Glad to see you starting to hit your stride.

Also hope the car trouble all got figured out when you got back from MRRF. It was a lot of fun getting to chat in person after all these years.

@Eclsnowman Thanks, enjoyed meeting up and talking, also the “little” adjustment you made in my cura settings has a lot to do with my success!

@Bruce_Lunde glad to hear I helped.

MRRF is the perfect place to bring your printer troubleshooting. Someone there has certainly run into it before.

Print finished

Looks awesome. What material, settings?


40mm/s, 210C hotend, 65C bed, 2 perimeters, 0% infill, perimeter order outside then inside, 0.3mm zhop.

Looks like the filament is out of stock at Atomic, but it looks SMW3D has the neon yellow and neon green in stock:

@Jason_Smith nice to see someone using the direct drive carriage. How is it working for you? Looks like you need a few shorter bolts for the Bondtech :slight_smile:

Direct drive carriage has been working great. I’ve been printing TPU left and right with no issues. Totally forgot I had those washers in there. They’ve been there so long that I don’t even notice. Its good to have the extra weight. I wouldn’t want the printer working too well now would I :slight_smile:
I’m about to convert back to a regular v6 nozzle with all the upgrades rather than the volcano. A buddy gifted me one of those fancy ruby nozzles for the v6, and I think the v6 can achieve slightly higher quality anyway.

@Jason_Smith how did it turn out.

I managed to get one of the layers separated. Might have to do some work for the other one. I also may print another version using the “exclusive” layer calculation method in Cura. Or I may print at 2x size rather than 1x. Not bad for first attempt though.

Hmm, link to your photo doesn’t seem to work for me.