Need to do a tiny bit of touch up sanding.

(Jack Daugherty) #1

Need to do a tiny bit of touch up sanding. Can’t wait to see it with a coat of poly.

(Mark Leino) #2

That is amazing work! Are you doing the designs yourself, or where are you getting them?

(Jack Daugherty) #3

@Mark_Leino I wish I could design these myself. I have been searching for STL files on the internet. You can find many free ones. eBay has quite a few fairly cheap also. Search “artcam 3d STL” on there.

(Michael Durie) #4

@Jack_Daugherty If youd be willing to share the design, Im sure there are several people who would love to have it, Myself included…

(Brandon Satterfield) #5

@Jack_Daugherty You are killing it bud!! Mind if I share your work? Started a group of images from guys that can hammer out greatness like you over on FB.
I’ve also found it easy to pull stuff off of thingiverse , big group of STLs mainly for printers but easy enough to modify.

(Jack Daugherty) #6

@Brandon_Satterfield Thanks. I don’t mind at all if you share. I have been finding awesome free 3d files all over the internet. I don’t have enough hours in my lifetime to make them all, lol. I’ll have to check out the FB page.

(Jack Daugherty) #7

@Michael_Durie Most of the STL files are too large to send without a file host. A quick Google search will be your best bet.

(Kelly Burns) #8

These are turning out great

(Jack Daugherty) #9

@Kelly_Burns Thank you.

(Jack Daugherty) #10

Added a coat of clear. Got another project in the works now. Oh hell! I see a run!!! Oh well.


(Michael Forte) #11

That looks great! What bit and speed are you using?

(Jack Daugherty) #12

@Michael_Forte Thanks. I’m using a 1/4" up cut 2 flute end mill for roughing pass. 1/8" ball nose for finish @ 60 IPM. I never reach speeds even close to that though because of all the details in the cuts. The step over is 10%. A long process, but it is what it is.

(Awesome Coder) #13

What software did you use?

(Jack Daugherty) #14

@Awesome_Coder Vectric Cut3D.