Need some suggestion on where to get electronic and extruder components to finish my

Need some suggestion on where to get electronic and extruder components to finish my printer made from large format flatbed scanner

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All axis assembled in superstructure.
Approximate build area
Y-axis - 17 inches (432 mm)
X-axis - 11 inches (280 mm)
Z-axis - 10 inches (254 mm)
Still need electronics, Z-axis stepper motor, electronics, extruder

Nice to see someone accepting the challenge to metamorph a scanner to a reprap! I disassembled a scanner/inkjet MFC but only found one stepper motor, and a very small one, all other where DC brush motors with optical feedback (which I concluded not useable for any axis).

Rene, I was lucky to find a large format scanner that had two slide mechanisms both with dual rails. I think it was originally designed to scan both sides of a sheet of paper at the same time. The stepper motors are small but I was able to get information on their holding torque from the manufacturer. It is small, but the truly strong stepper I need is for the Z-axis that will be new. The scanner was bought at a local computer recycling store here in Seattle, WA, USA for $60 US (they actually had a number of them there for this price, don’t think anyone was thinking of converting them into a 3D printer though). May have to replace the stepper motors, but the slide and belt assemblies alone makes the $60 price tag well worth it. That plus the wood and other items I had in my home wood shop and what you see so far has cost about $100 US. I am now struggling with the electronics, there is a lot of information out there, just have to digest it all. If you have any suggestions please post them. Details on the overall build at: (and on RepRap once I get a page up there). I am at: //

I already added your ScannerStrap to the RepRap DB and my
Yes, and put you in my RepRap circle :slight_smile: looking forward to your progress!

great achievement

Thanks, but do not be premature it is far from operating yet. Progress will also be documented on RepRap at