Need some help with Novusun NVUM CNC Controller and Mach3.

Darrell n
Heres an update. Re did the configuration on Stepper Drivers to 1/8. Double checked the current Switches, all set to 2.8A. Came back to Mach 3, did a recalibrate on Motrs. (Settings, Move x etc.) X came out to 199…74xxxxx while Y came out to 211.xxxx . Did a quick 3d Bufflao Nickel. Rough pass went through and returned to Zero (home) after pass end. Did the finish and it returned a little off on the X axis. Measured the carving which was supposed to be 5 inches by 5 inches, and it was 5 inches on X Axis and 5.25 on Y Axis. Made Y match in Mach3. 199.xxxx on both. Ran same carving again. After Rough end, the bit went to about 1 mm to the left of zero (home) on X axis, but the Carving is exactly 5 x 5.

at no time did the motor lose connection either.

Checked all the connections, screws, etc. even lubed the cnc wit the wd40 Dry Lube. Not sure what to try now.

Sorry I am away for the weekend. I wont have reliable email. Should be
info on mach3 manuals about those settings. I think they are basic 5 uS
and the box is an adder. For the pulse you could stretch it out by 5, cant

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For anyone who is/was following this thread. My issues have been resolved. It was the Stepper Drivers. the original kit was sent with the TB6660 Stepper drivers and they are the most useless things on the planet, Not even really good for paperweights. I replaced with the DM542S drivers and this beast is rock solid now.

@Michael_Durie Good to hear you found the problem. This is a common issue with Chinese stepper drivers. I have seen several evaluations of these and a lot of them seem to have poor electronics design. They do things like leave out bypass capacitors, don’t follow the chip manufacturers recommendations for oscillator components, use poor quality optocouplers, and a myriad of other design flaws. I wouldn’t be quick to blame the TB6600, it is basically a good chip, but if you don’t follow the manufacturers datasheet recommendations when applying it, it won’t work right. I have had a lot better luck with TB6560 drivers, even though they are an older version. I have found a supplier who makes a reliable product and I’ve stuck with it. Better to spend the extra money on something like the DQ542S or a Gecko in the first place to avoid problems.