Need some help installing K40 Wisperer on a Linux Mint laptop

I will start off by saying I am completely new to Linux. Switching over from Win 7 on my laptop.

I was able to get inscape installed and running. Lastly I need to get K40 Whisperer installed. I read over the README_Linux.txt file. Most of what I was reading is greek to me… I vaguely understand how the command line works, but the instructions are written from the standpoint of someone who knows what they are doing in Linux.

For example, Under the Prerequiments, It lists Python 2.7.X, unzip, and udev.
So Do I need to go out and research how to install each of those before I even start the instructions portion?

Is there a version of the steps out there that are more plain and simple. IE step by step, Type exactly this… and so on?


Typically, those requirements are just present on Linux, or easily available. However, the details are specific to your distribution. I would suggest asking on mint forums how to satisfy those prerequisites.

Because Linux has given us the freedom to try many different ways of doing things, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all set of instructions.

Thanks for the info.

After about 2 hours of trial and error, I finally got it to work. I did have to install python, and various other items to get it working.