Need some help. I have two TM1803 LED strips wired together.

(Joe Jackson) #1

Need some help. I have two TM1803 LED strips wired together. problem is, one is an updated version and the RGB calibrations are different. the first strip is GBR, the second is RBG. I need some help programming in a calibration for the first 10 LEDs to be GBR and the last 10 to be RBG. Hoping to do this outside of the loop so I don’t have to reprogram all my patterns.

(Joe Jackson) #2

Ideally I would add the LEDS together something like this:
FastLED.addLeds<TM1803,9,GBR>(leds, 0, 10)
FastLED.addLeds<TM1803,9,RBG>(leds, 10, 10)

This works in theory, but since they share the same data pin it adds some strange behavior I can’t explain…

(Daniel Garcia) #3

The problem with the way you’re doing it is whether or not it works depends on whether or not it starts writing the second block of data before the reset time after finishing the first block of data.

A more reliable solution would be to write some code that manually swaps the bytes around before calling show and then unswaps them afterwards (or use two LEDs arrays - one that you do all your pattern work in, and then one that you copy into (swapping bytes where necessary) that’s used by addLeds/show.

(Or running two data lines off of two pins - one to the strip with one ordering and one to the strip with the other ordering)

(Marc Miller) #4

@Joe_Jackson There was a code example of one way to do this by @Mark_Kriegsman in this thread.